We deliver a high quality arts program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Since 1998, our H’art Studio program (formerly H’art School) has been offering adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to reach their highest potential through the arts and indirect learning.

The H’art Studio program offers artists a chance to build important skills while engaged in the practice and enjoyment of visual arts, music, theatre, dance, media arts, and literary arts. Here are just a few of artistic disciplines you will experience at H’art! 

Program Details

This program is offered Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. year round.

From September to December, H’artists learn arts fundamentals and apply them to artistic projects.

From January to March, the artistic streams collaborate and work towards a public performance in April. The summer is a time to experiment artistically, take field trips, and collaborate with visiting artists. Workshops are offered in two arts studios and in THE BOX, our inclusive performing arts space.

Artistic Output

Our H’artists have created more than 3000 pieces of artwork, performed on stage in original musicals for thousands, wrote plays, expressed themselves through dance, collaborated on original music for musical theatre, created digital art with iPads and Smartboards, and have written and illustrated three children’s books.

Fee and Financial Assistance

The daily fee to attend H’art Studio is $52 for a full day and $32 for a half day. Some H’artists are able to access financial support to take part in this program.

Bursary Fund
Can’t afford to attend or can’t access financial programs? Our donors and community partners work to remove financial barriers for adults with developmental disabilities. If you have a financial need, you may be able to access support through our Bursary Fund.

Contact us today to find out more and to book your free trial class.