We invite people to be a part of what makes H’art Centre wonderful.

The input and involvement of engaged citizens has helped shape H’art Centre.  Whether you volunteer, arrange for a post-secondary field placement, offer your services as a visiting artist, or put in the time to become an artist-in-residence  – H’art Centre benefits when you take an active interest in giving back.

This short video shares one person’s journey from volunteer to Artist in Residence.

The Next Step

Please read about the prerequisites, activities and commitment required of our volunteers, field placement students, visiting artists, and artists-in-residence in the “Get Involved” drop-down menu. You will be given hands-on training in our classrooms in the intensive level of our in-house professional development program. All require valid Criminal Background Check (also known as “CPIC”) before participating at H’art Centre. You can find the online Kingston Police eBackground Check Service by clicking here.

Still interested? Download our simple volunteer application:
PDF version: Volunteer application
Word version: Volunteer application