Supporters in the spotlight

Everyone will face uncertain times. It is during these moments that friends and family step forward to lend a hand, often without being asked. We want to thank the H’art family members who stepped forward when we needed it the most and generously donated and supported us. There were many of you and we wanted to highlight just a couple:

Like every day at the Centre, our volunteers have been there for us during the pandemic response. When we closed to physical participation in March, friend and frequent volunteer Shirley Ballantyne got to work making masks to sell as a fundraising initiative. Due to her efforts, we have received over $1300 to help support us during this time. Want to connect with Shirley to get a mask and help H’art? Contact us today.

Our good friend Josée Thériault generously donated more than $500 to cover all of the masks needed for H’art Centre staff, volunteers and participants so that we could provide masks for everyone here as part of safety protocols for re-opening! Thank you!

Smiling supporter Josée Thériault
Josée Thériault
Shirley Ballantyne with Jacob in masks
Shirley Ballantyne