Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston supports seating improvements

File photo from 2012 Open House in THE BOX.

At an event held on Tuesday, November 28th at Renaissance Hall in downtown Kingston, H’art Centre was honoured to be one of the recipients of a community grant from the Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston. With this grant, H’art Centre will upgrade the seating capability of THE BOX to create an even more inclusive space for our community.

H’art will purchase, assemble and install portable, seating for THE BOX that can be collapsed and safely stored when not in use. The improved low-rise, tiered seating will allow us to designate floor space specific for wheelchairs and those with mobility devices.

The grants come primarily from funds raised during their annual Rotary Community Auction. The gifts, which are auctioned off, are generously donated by local businesses who believe that helping others in need is instrumental in becoming a good corporate citizen. Without this auction and their support, the Club simply would not be able to raise the funds necessary to support organizations such as ours.

Thanks go to our generous supporter: