We train the next generation of inclusive arts facilitators and leaders.

MixAbilities is our six-module training program designed to enhance access to the arts by ensuring artists and educators are trained to effectively and empathetically support participants who are Deaf and those with disabilities.

H’art Centre requires new volunteers, field placement students, visiting artists, and contract artists to complete our MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training program to ensure a standard of awareness and engagement in our art projects. We do this to ensure these artists/facilitators are proficient in their work with our participants and, more broadly, sensitive to the inclusion of adults and seniors with disabilities.

The goals of the current MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training are:
– Increase awareness and understanding of H’art’s vision and mission
– Help to effectively and empathetically support H’art artist/participants as they progress in their work
– Develop skills and confidence as an artist/facilitator
– Increase knowledge of the disability arts movement

Recipient of the 2018 City of Kingston Access Award in the category of Education.


H’art Centre believes that a large pool of artists and educators who are trained in our approach and understand the factors that create exclusion in the arts will create a ripple of positive influence. 


MixAbilities is for advanced volunteers, field placement students, visiting artists, and local art educators to gain unique access to our inclusive arts facilitation techniques. 


H’art Centre has introduced over 1500 volunteers, placement students, community artists, and arts educators to our approach since 1998. We launched the MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training Program, a formal blueprint of our approach to meaningful arts programming, in 2018.  


You can expect to be introduced to our vision and mission, policies and procedures, communication techniques, workshop observations, lesson planning, creative space considerations, and arts-based instructional strategies. 

We are also currently developing a new stream of MixAbilities that will benefit community arts groups, associations, and collectives. Watch for it!

You can be part of what makes H’art Centre a joyful, safe, welcoming, and inclusive place. To start your MixAbilities journey, contact us today.