David Archibald

David has written for and performed on Sesame Street in New York and CBC’s Mr. Dressup. He recently appeared at Toronto’s Yonge/Dundas Square as a featured performer at the Kidzfest event. As a singer/songwriter, David has compositions in the catalogues of Sony/Universal, Sunbury/Dunar, and ATV music. He has recorded with RCA. David’s music is regularly featured on CBC radio. He also produced the first recording of pop star Avril Lavigne – his CD Spirit of the Inland Sea features Avril on background vocals. David’s musicals The Perilous Pirate’s Daughter (with Anne Chislett), Love & Larceny (with Douglas Bowie), Up the River (Archibald, Corrigan, & Mackay), Dr. Magnificent (with Catherine O’Brien) and Kitchen Radio (with Marion de Vries) have been professionally produced across the country. He recently received the Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Musical Direction for Theatre Calgary’s Dear Johnny Deere. The Kingston Symphony performed his Symphonia Galactia, which was commissioned by astronomer Terence Dickinson. His award-winning song writing workshops are popular across Canada.

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