Media Arts Animation Workshop

Kingston Canadian Film Festival Helps Out

On February 28, Jason from the Kingston Canadian Film Festival gave the students in our Media Arts and Assistive Technology program a short overview of the history of animation, going back 100 years. He showed us some examples of early animation and explained how involved the process was. He then showed us some of his films: some he did as a professional film maker and some that he has done with school and community groups.

The students then got a chance to make a stop animation film using photographs of themselves. By sequencing these photos, they were able to show themselves moving in a snake line, doing the “wave”, climbing a wall, and dancing.

As the final activity, Jason introduced Claymation and explained that they would be making a collective film. They brainstormed a set/background, characters, and events. Jason supplied them with materials to put together a background that depicted a nighttime urban setting and the students created a story that saw a cat going up a tree.

We gratefully recognize the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area for H’art’s Media Arts and Assistive Technology program.

Check  out the finished product. Our short is the first in the series.