H’art gets new Love of Dance workshop grant

CFKA helps H’art build inclusive dance capacity, foster new collaboration

H’art Centre announced Menka Nagrani, the founder of Montreal’s integrated dance company Les Productions des Pieds des Main, has joined choreographer Melissa Mahady Wilton, co-Artistic Director of The Conservatory, to deliver inclusive dance workshops this season as part of a project called “Love of Dance”. This project is part of H’art Centre’s commitment to delivering inclusive arts for all abilities.

Made possible thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area, this project means the two acclaimed choreographers will engage H’art Studio dancers, support dancers, and local dance volunteers in intensive inclusive dance experiences several times a week until April 2020, when their work is debuted at the Isabel Bader Human Rights Arts Festival.

“Our goal with Love of Dance is to introduce our dancers to the physical, social and emotional benefits of high quality inclusive dance and to encourage more local dancers and volunteers to explore inclusive dance techniques,” said Katherine Porter, Executive Director of H’art Centre. “When we are finished, Kingston will have a pool of local dancers and volunteers with more awareness and understanding of the value of dance to people with disabilities.”

As part of this project, H’art Centre is issuing a call to volunteers who want to learn more about inclusive dance.

This “Love of Dance Project” is being generously supported through the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area.