We receive guidance and advice from the best our community has to offer.

The members of our Board of Directors volunteer from the arts, education, business, government, health and social services sectors, and the community at large. They truly represent the best this community has to offer.

You need an interest in participating in an advisory capacity to help shape the future and sustainability of H’art Centre. 

box awardCommitment
As a board member, H’art asks you to consider a two to three year commitment to ensure stable and consistent advisory leadership for the Centre. We ask members in leadership roles, including President, Vice President, and Treasurer, to consider three to four year commitments.

The board of directors meets every three months. Meetings are kept to two hours in length. The annual general meeting is held in June. Board members are active in an advisory capacity but are not required to take a role in fundraising.

Want to get involved? Contact Katherine Porter today.