Finishing up the Season of Solos

Feb 22, 2021 | Art, H'art Studio

Last season, H’art Studio artists explored the driving force of inspiration. They looked at how local artists use their own personal interests to inspire their creations. For instance, some local artists have been inspired to create artwork that features food, animals, abstracts, landscapes, and buildings. H’art Studio’s artists explored their own personal interests using vision boards. They transferred their interests into drawings, paintings, and more to create solo works. We are pleased to share some of the work they produced during the Season of Solos. 

The canvases are 20 x 20 unless otherwise indicated. Each is unframed and available for $20. All funds raised will support our COVID protocol costs. To read some of the artists’ statements, scroll below. Questions about the availability of the work you see below? Contact Andrea at 613-545-1392. 

Andrew: Swimming
“I swim a lot of laps. I swim in Special Olympics. I also play Basketball and bowling. I don’t know why I like it but I like swimming. I painted myself swimming laps in the pool.”

Emma: Black Bear
“I wanted to paint a bear because of my mother’s friend who belongs to the Black Bear club.” 

Maeghan: Always Keep Fighting
“Jared Padalecki inspired me from his mental health awareness campaign, “Always Keep Fighting.” I chose to show “Always Keep Fighting”, I didn’t want to show fighting each other but fighting the disorder instead. So, the person is fighting the disorder and on the other side, they are happy.”

Sarah B.: Cruise boat
“Why I painted the cruise boat is that I want to go on a cruise boat sometime because I like the shows. I have been on six cruises, two last year. We went to Bermuda and Florida. The cruise boat is very huge and the colours I chose are black, white, orange, blue. I cannot go on a cruise this year maybe next year, probably.”

Laura: Two Dogs and a Cat
“I painted my two dogs and my cat. I take my dogs for walks. My cat, Oliver Twist, is soft. The dogs sleep and eat.”

Lindsey: Cinderella’s Castle
“I was inspired by my trip to Disney in Florida. I can’t go this year because of COVID-19. When this thing is over, I will go visit again. I have been a thousand times; I like the waterpark and the rides and animal kingdom.”

Leonard: My New House
“I love it, my house is tiny, but I love it. My TV is in the house, I watch movies or DVDs. I have a private area. In my picture is me and my sister and our family coming to visit.”

Nathan: Christie Lake Camp
“I was inspired by camp because I feel independent when I am there for a whole week. I hope to have my own place someday and going to camp is a big step towards that. Every August, I go to Christie Lake Camp for a whole week. We all meet up on the bus. The minute we get off the bus we are in a group then we head to our cabins. At camp, we swim, have a scavenger hunt, have a movie night, dance night, a day playing games, and a haunted walk.”

Ashaya: Courage
“My inspiration is being peaceful and courageous; brave and positive. I am an independent woman and strong. Bright colours complement my mood. Glow in the dark is cool and I see everything in my path and it lights up the night and life.”

We would like to thank the Harry E. Foster Foundation foundation for supporting the solo work of H’art Studio artists during the pandemic lockdown.







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