Virtual program prepares for growth

Nov 23, 2020 | Featured Stories, H'art Studio, Virtual

What’s next for “Virtual H’art Studio”?

In 2021, H’art will enrich its content and expand its reach. We will look at what made the 2020 Zoom workshops successful. The team will dig into feedback from participants, staff, and consultants. From there, the administration will upgrade equipment and train community artists in online best practices. H’art is looking at alternate forms of digital delivery. Webinars and video libraries are emerging as interesting options.

Whatever approach we choose, the virtual program will continue its positive impact. It created engagement and combatted social isolation in this community and beyond during the COVID-19 crisis. Dozens of H’artists took part. With new digital infrastructure, others could join. Like-minded organizations could subscribe to a video archive. Long-term care homes could stream content created by our HAAP roster of artists. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

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