Newton & Alice Rehearsal Diary

Feb 28, 2013 | Featured Stories, H'art Studio

March 15, 2013

Our students will regularly share their thoughts and feelings in this diary leading up to
opening night!

Nathan: We marched and practiced everything. My favorite part was when Newton saw the shark and screamed like a maniac.

Mike: I like the shark. I like being with my friends.

Amanda S.: We did the parade in rehearsal and country line dance. I like being the narrator.

Jeff: We did a lot of stuff today. I liked working with my puppet.

Christine: We did my scene about selling books and songs and dances.


March 5, 2013

Nathan: we practiced our lines and have things arranged. My favourite part of today’s rehearsal is when I do breakdancing and beatboxing.

Sarah: We learned the song and dance. Singing the song is my favourite part.

Laura: I like dancing and singing and putting it all together. It made me laugh.

Lori: I had to help Nathan with the play. Today we learned how to exit the stage.

Francine: Jenna and Nathan practiced screaming and we practiced lines for Newton and Alice. We learned the dances.

Karen: Kathryn talked to us about changes to the show. We have to get some lights for the stage. I  am so happy to do lots of singing and helping with the dance.

Jenna: I practiced screaming with Nathan. Dancing!

February 21, 2013

Nathan: Today, we were singing while we were acting. My favourite part was when Shadow ruined my picture and when Shadow took my paint brush. I had to chase her.

Coreena: I was the Vendor and the cat. I had a lot of fun singing.

Nicole: I loved singing and dancing in the play. We sang and danced. Some of us messed up but were great!

Francine: When Newton and Georgina were singing and dancing. I have to practice my lines, too.

 Don: I like playing in the band. I have a friend David. He tunes my guitar for me. He sings and he is a good guy.

Caitlyn: Today in rehearsal we sang and practiced the play. I played the water with Laura. I like being in the play.

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