We offer quality post secondary field placement experiences to introduce the next generation to inclusive arts facilitation.

Field placements can expect to learn how to facilitate one-to-one or small group activities in a variety of art disciplines.

Current enrolment in a relevant university or college program, or previous experience in relevant field including (but not limited to):

  • Developmental or Personal Support Worker
  • Child and Youth Worker
  • Education
  • Physical Education
  • RehabilitationTherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pro Bono Law/ Pro Bono Policy Studies
  • Nursing
  • The Arts

Field placements are given guidance in how to guide and assist adults with developmental disabilities and those facing barriers based on their needs and relevant accommodations.

200 hours observing and working with H’art Centre. We can, to some degree, tailor your activities and time commitment to your program requirements.

Interested in a post secondary field placement at H’art Centre? Contact Anita today.

It was a cold January day in 2005 when I walked in through the doors on Montreal Street. I was enrolled in the Child and Youth Worker program at St. Lawrence College and spoke with Anita about doing my placement at H’art. Little did I know, when I started my placement, this would change my life. I wanted to say thank you to the staff, and thank you to the participants for where I am today. When I moved to London, Ontario, I switched from Child and Youth Worker to Developmental Services Worker, graduated, and I now work for Hutton House as an Employment Specialist, assisting people with disabilities find employment. The other day I was assisting some of our job seekers with interview questions when I read “who has impacted you most in making a decision in choosing this field? I automatically thought of everyone at H’art. So once again, thank you for helping me find my passion in life. Thank you for the amazing memories that I still cherish. Keep up the hard work that you do there and I hope to visit again someday.
– Justin Paisley