We provide opportunities for our participants and our instructors to engage with local artists and explore other art forms and disciplines.

Visiting artists have delivered sessions on topics such as textiles, digital animation, spoken word poetry, puppetry, and more. Think you’d like to be a visiting artist? Watch Isidora Spielmann describe her experience.

Visiting artists are local artists and arts educators.

You will deliver talks, experiences, workshops, or short term projects at H’art Centre with the support, and under the guidance, of our H’art Centre staff

This is a less intensive experience than our field placements, volunteer, or artists-in-residence programs and does not require the same level of time commitment. You can commit to a one-time lesson or short-time project to teach our participants a specific discipline or skill. Interested in being a visiting artist at H’art Centre? Contact H’art Centre today to see how you can get involved!

Animation Workshop
Visiting Artist delivers Kingston Canadian Film Festival Animation Workshop